Flammable cladding - Jimmy T on Sunrise

February 22, 2019
Earlier this month (Feb 2019) there was a second flammable cladding fire on the outside of an apartment block in Melbourne. Flat Chat's JimmyT went on Weekend Sunrise to argue that we should be looking at actual risk rather than worst-case scenarios.
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On TV talking cracks in the Opal

December 30, 2018
Despite having a great head for radio, I was enticed on to TV last Saturday (Dec 29) to talk building cracks with Professor Mark Hoffman (one of the engineers called in to examine the Opal) and host Basil Zempilas. It's only  five minutes long but we managed to be reassuring and alarming at the same time. You can watch it here: https://episodes.castos.com/flatchatpod/Opal-crisis.wmv  
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The end of no-pet by-laws on ABC radio

October 29, 2018
Jimmy joins James Valentine for a chat about Tribunal decisions to rescind by-laws that ban pets ... and take your calls
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Talking strata (at last) on Studio 10

September 10, 2018
JimmyT goes on Channel 10's morning show to talk strata noise, parking, by-laws and Airbnb.
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