Jimmy and James on kids playing, window rebels ... and barbecues

August 09, 2018
In JimmyT's (almost) regular spot on James Valentine's Afternoons on ABC 702, they field questions from listeners  ... and have a quick chat about Jimmy's new book.
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Talking Tunnels on Ten

August 01, 2018
My brief stint on Studio Ten was all about the Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam, with occasional flashes of my new novel's cover. But the good news is that I hope to be back with them in a few weeks talking about apartments.  Fingers crossed. If you want to more about the novel, Tunnel Vision, go to the Accidental Guru website. It's a comedy thriller so if you like crime fiction laced with humour, this could be for you. If you want to know more about m...
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First impressions: Fines for unpaid levies and reno delays

July 13, 2018
Jimmy treats James to his (unimpressive) Sean Connery impressions before the switchboard lights up with your calls
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It's Byron Airbn-Bay as holiday town "gutted" by online lets

April 16, 2018
A newspaper interview by our good mate Mark Dapin reveals that online holiday letting is "gutting" Byron Bay. Meanwhile the State government snuggles up to Airbnb with a plan to give every pensioner $100 the first time they let a room to a visitor on the global internet platform. This prompted a call from ABC radio and Josh Sz...
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