Dardanelle Towers Jimmy Thomson

Before he started writing about apartments Jimmy Thomson was nearly* an award-winning comedy writer. You can now read his attempts to find the humour in apartment living in the fictional unit block Dardanelle Towers. *Three Writers Guild nominations, no prizes.
Brought to you by Jimmy Thomson of Dardanelle Towers

Latest Episodes…

  1. Dardanelle Towers - Episode 2 - Gimme Shelter

    The global trade war hits Dardanelle Towers, and the committee members are looking for somewhere to hide. Thanks to the trade war between China and the USA, fears of Brexit (as well as no Brexit)  and concerns that there may be another global economic downturn, there have been a few arrivals ...


  2. Dardanelle Towers: Episode 1 - The Naked Truth

    We recently discovered what seem to be reports from an apartment block with more than its fair share of idiosyncratic characters. Is this place real, or a figment of someone's imagination? Perhaps you know these people. Maybe it's your building.  Maybe it’s you … Part 1:  The Naked Truth Public ...