Flat Chat Wrap episode 9

January 16, 2019
Jimmy and Sue look back at the first time they bought off the plan ... and how it led to Flat Chat
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Flat Chat Wrap - Episode 8

January 06, 2019
JimmyT and Sue Williams ask the questions everyone else is avoiding, and provide the answers people need to hear, about the Opal Tower in Sydney and the whole defects disaster in high-rise apartment blocks in Australia.
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Podcast: On TV talking cracks in the Opal

December 30, 2018
Despite having a great head for radio, I was enticed on to TV last Saturday (Dec 29) to talk building cracks with Professor Mark Hoffman (one of the engineers called in to examine the Opal) and host Basil Zempilas. It's only  five minutes long but we managed to be reassuring and alarming at the same time. You can watch it here: https://episodes.castos.com/flatchatpod/Opal-crisis.wmv
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Flat Chat Wrap - Episode 7

December 24, 2018
How to work out if your levies are too high, the sensible controls that have led Airbnb to threaten politicians' votes, does a disability entitle you to an extra car parking space and nominations for our Heroes and Villains of Strata.
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