Flat Chat Wrap 47 - terror threats and a baffling unit block raffle

This week, JimmyT and Sue Williams tackle subjects that range from the sinister to the sublimely ridiculous … with some practical advice for investors in between. Why won’t the government release the lists of the 444 buildings that have flammable cladding on them? Is it the risk of terrorism, as they say … or is it just potential vandalism … or the effect on property prices? Jimmy has his own conspiracy theory … and it sounds all too plausible. Then Sue explains why, when you are buying an investment, you should go for somewhere better than the place you live in. What!?!  How does that work?  Why should your tenants live in a better place than you do? And finally, they discuss the strangest raffle prize ever – a whole apartment block worth $6.4 million in sunny Queensland. At $10 a pop, it would have to be worth a shot … but then, as Jimmy explains, there could be a downside. That’s all on this week’s Flat Chat Wrap
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