PODCAST 56 - Flat-hunting, packing and Swedish Death Cleaning

“It’s like heading down the runway while you are still building the plane” – no, we’re not talking about buying off the plan, but the pressures and perils of creating an Oscar-winning, multi-million-dollar animated Hollywood movie. We’re taking a slight detour this week into the world of comedy and show-business, in an interview with our good friend Warren Coleman, formerly of the Castanets Club comedy troupe but more recently a writer and co-director on Happy Feet and a writer on Happy Feet 2. Now, we do get to the question of apartments – specifically, what it’s like to be looking to buy and sell for the first time in 30 years – but we take a few side-roads along the way. We’ll hear how taking a hit comedy show on a multi-city tour of the USA can be like “hyper-flat-sharing” and we get essential travel tips from Davy Jones, formerly of the Monkees. But there's also how entering the apartment buying arena for the first time in a long time is a bit like dating after the end of a long-term relationship. ‘Until you make a commitment, you have to let any flat you like know that you’re still seeing other apartments, just like it's seeing other people,’ says Warren. And then there's packing.  As you can imagine, there's a lot of accumulated stuff to get rid of  - or not - after 30 years in the one flat. Due you use Marie Kondo's "does it bring me joy?" filter for all your stuff, or do you go hard core and use the Swedish Death Cleaning method.  Yes, that's a thing ... it's even a book. But we also hear about Happy Feet producer/director George Miller’s seat-of-the-pants genius, what it’s like to be nominated for an Oscar, a Golden Globe and even a Logie, and what you do when you can’t find out if you’ve won because your party hosts are recording it to watch it later. All in all, it’s a very different Flat Chat Wrap this week … but it’s a lot of fun.  
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