Flat Chat Wrap #6 - Renovations and recalcitrant owners ... with James Valentine

December 09, 2018
Permissions for minor renovations, one owner in four blocking changes and ... of course ... Airbnb come to the fore as Jimmy joins James Valentine on his afternoon show on ABC Radio 
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Flat Chat Wrap #5 - epic parking battle, trendy pet names & Airbnb hosting

December 01, 2018
A decades-long parking battle end up in the Appeals Court, trendy pet names, how to be a better Airbnb host, garage doors and more ...  
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Flat Chat Wrap #4 - Homeless on common property & build-to-rent in the USA

November 22, 2018
Homeless people sleeping in common property and - a world away - what it's like to live in a 'build-to-rent' apartment in the USA.  The Flat Chat Wrap takes an international twist.
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Flat Chat Wrap #3 - best and worst times to buy, bullied by by-laws & lawn parking

November 08, 2018
Is this the best time to buy an new apartment or just the worst time to sell? And what you should look out for in offers that seem to be too good to be true. Can bad by-laws be used to bully owners? And what happened to the common property lawn being churned up by illegal parkers? Sue Williams joins JimmyT for a chinwag about the latest posts on the Flat Chat website.
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Flat Chat Wrap #2 - Noise, electric cars, budget tourism and canning committee members

October 30, 2018
We're back with another Flat Chat Wrap.  Sue Williams joins Jimmy Thomson for a chat about noise, electric cars, shoestring tourism (and its affect on communities) and how to get rid of a nuisance committee member.
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