Flat Chat Wrap #45 - Airbnb bubble at bursting point?

October 22, 2019
It’s a short and (hopefully) sweet Flat Chat Wrap this week with JimmyT flying solo as he looks at the clouds gathering over Airbnb and other holiday letting websites – and one ray of sunshine. The bright spot is Airbnb’s country pubs promotion which is bringing a bit of rural Australia into our homes … and maybe getting some of us out of the city and into the country. You can see some of the videos HERE. But the rest of the news...
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Flat Chat Wrap #44 - Pet death threat and dodgy votes

October 15, 2019
In this week’s podcast JimmyT and Sue Williams look again at the issue of the overturning of the pet ban by-law in one of Sydneys biggest and poshest apartment blocks, in the wake of the warning by the committee that any pets brought in before the appeal is heard may have to be “put down”. Is it a valid threat as there is a window when there is no active by-law?  Lawyers at ten paces, we think. And what if the Appeals Tribunal says, yes, you can have a no-pets by-law … but not that one?  A...
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Dardanelle Towers, Episode 3 - Sniffing Glue

October 08, 2019
Blame the bank holiday, the Rugby World Cup or the need for a break, but we thought we'd revisit our old friends at the fictional (or is it?) apartment block Dardanelle Towers, where suspicion of vandalism in the car park has fallen on an unlikely culprit. Parking, terrorism and a health scare dominated the most recent meeting of the Dardanelle Towers executive committee. The parking issue came to the fore when Bernard, our long-suffering chairman was head...
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Flat Chat Wrap #43 - Airbnb under pump, pet ban lifted and free money

October 01, 2019
We cover a lot of ground in this week’s chat with journalist and author Sue Williams, including two old favourites – Airbnb and pet bans - and a brand new concept (to us at least) negative interest. Yes, you know all about negative gearing and you may have even encountered negative equity, but Sue was hearing about negative interest at a Property Summit sponsored by The Australian Financial Review and Commercial Real Estate. But b...
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Flat Chat Wrap #42 - Strata chatting, straight out of the box

September 25, 2019
For years I have been struck by the irony of the connection between communication and community falling asunder at the doors of apartment blocks. If there was anywhere that not only needed an internal communications system – and probably contained higher than average numbers of people able to grasp the fundamentals – it would be modern apartment blocks. People have experimented with Facebook pages and dedicated websites – but as soon as the people who set them up get fed up with having to...
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