Flat Chat Wrap #36 - From block parties to hijacked high-rises

August 13, 2019
It would be fair to say that Flat Chat’s approach to apartment living and strata law over the years has been robustly non-academic.  We use often cite anonymous sources and unverified reports to build a picture of all that is wrong with strata living (and many things that are right). Academic researchers, by contrast, meticulously record numerous interviews, often with clearly identified and authoritative subjects, referencing other studies and reports, to reach carefully considered conclusio...
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Flat Chat Wrap #35 - Apartments go to the movies ... and see more than they should

August 06, 2019
 If you live in apartments for long enough it’s almost impossible not to catch a glimpse into other people’s lives. Most of us look away, hoping that the same courtesy will be afforded to us by anyone inadvertently seeing more than they should. But sometimes curiosity gets the better of us and an innocent, accidental glance turns into a look that lingers longer that it ought. OK that's understandable , but then there’s out and out voyeurism, when someone spends way too much time s...
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Flat Chat Wrap #34 - Tall storeys: TV dramas set in apartment blocks

July 30, 2019
There’s so much doom and gloom around strata at the moment you feel you’re missing out if your apartment block isn’t on fire, falling down or both. So we’ve decided to lighten the load in this week’s podcast with a look at TV shows that were set in apartment blocks, especially Australian shows. And for that, there is no better person to sit at the Flat Chat microphone than producer, critic, writer, broadcaster, media podcaster and now cinema owner Andrew Mercado. Andrew is a total N...
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Flat Chat Wrap #33 - Commercial tenants, caretakers versus Airbnb, and wandering pot plants

July 23, 2019
How would you feel if you suddenly had 50 to 100 strangers walking through your lobby every day, clogging up the lifts just when you are trying to get to work or when you come home? These are the fears raised by residents of two neighbouring buildings on Sydney’s North Shore (and discussed in our podcast) where the very loosely defined approval for commercial development inside a residential building means that, in one instance, what was intended to be a gym looks like it’s going to be an ope...
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Flat Chat Wrap #32 - Time we had a star rating for the best and worst developers and builders

July 16, 2019
In this week's Podcast, Jimmy Thomson and Sue Williams discuss why it is that we can get ratings and comparisons for just about everything we buy ... except the largest purchase most of us will ever make.  And they float the idea of people being given (and losing) a licence to live in strata. We have a friend called Royce who wouldn’t buy so much as a toothbrush without checking online to see if it was the best design (at the best price) for his specific de...
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