Flat Chat Wrap #21: Property prices panic and the latest developer rort

April 24, 2019
With property prices plummeting across our major cities, JimmyT and Sue Williams identify where apartment values are plummeting, where they're holding and where off-the-plan purchasers are being told they can't walk away from new units that are worth less than they agreed to pay for them when the signed the contracts.
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Flat Chat Wrap #20 - New minister, good and bad laws, and the pet loophole

April 09, 2019
JimmyT and Sue Williams ask the big questions about the new strata minister ... like, who is he? Plus the best and worst of Australia's strata laws and what makes an ordinary pet a "support animal".
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Flat Chat Wrap #19: Shoes in lobbies and snooping neighbours

April 02, 2019
Jimmy Thomson and Sue Williams take a wry - and slightly bruised - look at what's attracting mail to the Flat Chat Forum.
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Flat Chat Wrap #18 - the joys of apartment living (no, really!)

March 26, 2019
Jimmy Thomson talks to Sue Williams about why she loves apartment living and would never live in a house.
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Flat Chat Wrap #17 - Promises, promises ... what the pollies are offering the strata voters of NSW

March 19, 2019
Jimmy Thomson and Sue Williams discuss what the various parties are offering strata residents and owners  in the run-up to the NSW state election.
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